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As a member of IRTA's Universal Currency, CCTA members have access to trade for goods, services and travel with over 100 exchanges Worldwide.
CCTA is a proud member of the International Reciprocal Trade Association, a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of practice and operation within the modern trade and barter and alternative capital systems Industry and raising the awareness and value of these processes to the entire Worldwide Community.

How it works

First, you earn trade dollars by selling your products and services to other members of the association. Then, you find products and services you wish to purchase on the Community Connect or Global Marketplace and pay for them with your trade dollars. The transactions are not one to one trades – you use the trade dollars that you’ve earned to purchase from any other member of the association.

You may also request a credit line for immediate purchasing needs. Unlike traditional banks, you don’t pay interest on the credit line and we’ll send you new business to pay for it!

Community Connect Trade Association (CCTA) records all transactions and provides real time and monthly reports through its online system. CCTA’s trade managers are available to assist you in finding goods and services, greatly reducing your cash cost (check out the Return on Investment Calculator to see how much you could save). CCTA has a reasonable enrollment fee and receives a small transaction fee in cash for its services. CCTA uses the comprehensive trading platform called Barter 21 enabling you to shop, search and conduct all aspects of trade transactions on-line.

Increase Sales

Community Connect introduces your business to an entirely new group of potential customers. With access to a growing network through Community Connect, your sales will increase.

Improve Cash-Flow

Replacing cash expenditures by purchasing through Community Connect guarantees increased cash flow, and, in addition, you buy products and services at your own variable cost and pay for purchases with the new sales brought to you by Community Connect.

Increase Market Share

Members receive exposure through Community Connect and our affiliates. Community Connect introduces your business to a new market, brings in new customers and provides new networking opportunities within our exclusive association.

Conserve Cash

Community Connect reduces the need to pay cash for ongoing expenses. You not only save money with each purchase but it is all paid for with the NEW business we bring you.

Quality of Life

Community Connect Trade Dollars aren’t just for business use. They can be used personally to maintain or improve your quality of life. You can use trade dollars to: dine out at a nice restaurant for a special occasion, enjoy a relaxing massage or spa treatment, take a well deserved vacation and much more!